MYTILINEOS: Paving The Way to A Greener Industry

MYTILINEOS: Paving The Way to A Greener Industry



MYTILINEOS, a leading global industrial and energy company with a strong presence in all five continents, wanted to present its sustainability strategy, embedded in its corporate & business DNA along its ambitious ESG targeting for the coming years. MYTILINEOS aspiration is to lead the way towards a greener and more environmentally friendly industry.

Our key challenge was to move away from tactical communication and, boldly, get across that sustainability is a strategic priority interlinked with vision and clear decision making.

V+O Greece addressed the opportunity of MYTILINEOS to lead the global discussion on sustainability, by designing and implementing a holistic strategic communications plan, aiming to leverage on the ‘future defining’ corporate momentum of the company and cascade its new sustainability strategy & messaging to all audiences involved.


Project Scope


The new sustainability strategy & messaging of MYTILINEOS had to be spread to all company’s stakeholders, through different communication platforms & tools.

In order to successfully address this challenge, V+O Greece (V+O Communication, Unlimited Creativity and Curious Ahead) designed and implemented a multilevel Corporate Communications plan addressing all stakeholders. We managed to built-up corporate extroversion, engagement, and showcase MYTILINEOS sustainability strategy and priorities.


Our strategic priority was to turn MYTILINEOS ESG commitment into a communication platform and an opportunity for dialogue and action. A corporate comms umbrella, addressing different expectations and aspirations, but with a clear vision & mission.


MYTILINEOS corporate commitment was unfolded on two levels (internally / externally), aiming to introduce company’s new strategic priorities and purpose.


The strategic component was the implementation of the first MYTILINEOS summit, the virtual Summit “NetZeroAction. From challenge to opportunity for accelerated & sustainable value creation”. The corporate commitment was announced in a hybrid internal event, while on the same day the hybrid MYTILINEOS summit took place. The following days, a corporate reputation campaign kicked off ,in Greek and international Media, so as to build extroversion, leadership, gain visibility and recognition and frame the new era strategy and narrative of the company.




The specific corporate initiative was distinguished for its organization, with the following PR awards:  3 Event Awards 2021 , 1 Ermis Award 2021

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