Online Reputation Management

Since the Internet boom, the media environment has changed dramatically. The Internet’s flexibility has enabled the development of new forms of media and the creation of online communities of all types. Blogs, forums, social media have been growing rapidly and have already hit the mainstream, influencing today’s culture, politics, business and social trends. To a large extent, the success drive of this new media typology can be attributed to the interactivity that the web offers. Stakeholders are interested in dialogue, and companies are challenged to utilize and harness the power of social media by investing openly, directly and frankly in strong relationships with the online audiences, and by providing engaging content.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a service by V+O, focusing on maximizing the effectiveness of its customers’ online presence and active engagement in the online discourse. It essentially combines marketing and PR with search engine marketing. ORM enables the protection and management of our customers’ reputation by becoming actively involved through a three step process:


  • Identifying new sources of information such as blogs, newsfeeds and relevant aggregators, both those that cover general news and those that focus on an industry, subject or geography
  • Monitoring newsfeeds and blogs for all keywords related to clients and their brands, as well as competitors if needed
  • Customizing RSS readers for brand tracking and filtering
  • Monitoring industry-related sites


  • Conducting qualitative analysis of online information
  • Auditing client’s online assets


  • Taking an active part in the industry conversation by becoming a regular contributor to blogs and forums within the industry will enable companies to lead the conversation about their brand.
  • Engaging offline with key bloggers and opinion makers.