Transportation + Tourism

The transportation and tourism industry is undergoing continuous transformation as the economic crisis has hit it hard. At the same time, regulation and deregulation, consolidation and privatization opportunities and shifting trends, are presenting new opportunities for growth as well as more challenges. Furthermore, the aging of the population, the increasing security & environmental concerns and the various niche segments that seem to appear within the market, have also affected the tourism sector in particular.

Transportation and tourism are highly sensitive sectors, due to both the regulatory framework and the endless number of stakeholders: corporations, the state, NGOs, local communities, the media, consumers. It is therefore a unique sector, with multiple and diverse communication requirements. V+O possesses thorough experience and expertise in all aspects of it. Throughout the years we have been working with airlines such as Emirates, aircraft managers such as Netjets, airports such as the Athens Airport and ground handlers such as Swissport. We have worked in all aspects of shipping, from cruise ships and ferries to cargo ships. We’ve handled hospitality providers, exclusive clubs and gourment restaurants, as well as five-star hotels, such as the Athens Hilton and the Grand Resort Lagonissi. Within today’s complex communications environment, V+O is able to develop and implement fully customized communication strategies for the sector, targeting - through both new and traditional media – consumers directly and effectively, while also dealing with regulatory and other issues through effective public affairs strategies.

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