A large number of concerned stakeholders, economic turbulence, an intricate legislative framework, increased social responsibility requirements: some of the elements of the complex landscape in which businesses are called to operate. Around the globe, the industry sector is exposed to waves of change brought on by shifts in regulation, the introduction of innovative technologies, the emergence of new competitors, a series of M&A initiatives, cost volatility in raw material and overheads, and ever-growing concerns among customers about environmental and safety issues. Companies have responded using a range of growth and defence strategies, including vertical integration, distribution channels and downstream marketing activities, investments in alternative and sustainable production methods, geographic expansion, acquisitions in new markets, customer segmentation and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Either way, corporate reputation is not accidental. In fact, effective communication in the industry sector often requires the craftsmanship of a juggler. Endless sequels of ever-changing data, an even greater number of interconnections, a vast amount of cause and effect correlations, infinite interactivity: all within a continuously transforming environment. For more than ten years, V+O has been developing the competencies for influencing the influencers. A “professional juggler” that has worked with some of Greece’s largest companies including Coca-Cola Hellenic, Heracles of the Lafarge Group, S&B Industrial Minerals, the Mytilineos Group, Vivartia and Frigoglass, we are challenging ourselves to successfully combine effective communication strategies while constantly refocusing attention among their components. Within this framework, we have been dealing with a wide range of issues, from traditional corporate and public affairs to reputation building efforts among local communities, the development of CSR platforms and sustainability projects.

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