Today’s healthcare issues are as urgent as they are complex. Escalating R&D costs, an increasing number of stakeholders, uneven healthcare access and complex social security systems, the threat of pandemics and of new forms of diseases, are some of the issues for which there are no easy solutions. Demographic developments and cost increases mean healthcare is subject to constant reforms, pushing the market players to adjust quickly to the new environment. The healthcare market is becoming more and more integrated, the borders between statutory and private health insurance are becoming blurred; payers and providers are coming together in incorporated healthcare provision: Traditional pharma and biotechnology are converging in many areas, thereby offering completely new treatment options.

In the meantime, patients are increasingly becoming more vocal, and their influence is growing. Unlike their parents and grandparents, today’s patients do want to know about every aspect of their healthcare. Increased patient responsibility requires that physicians, health providers and pharmaceutical companies take the time to explain the rationale, the steps and the core parameters of diagnosis and treatment, while still operating in one of the most regulated and complex environments.  

V+O’s healthcare group, although relatively young in age, has already established itself as a strong player in the Greek market. We are working with clients such as Amgen and GSK, having already created and implemented award-winning awareness campaigns, we have launched new OTC drugs in the Greek and Cypriot markets, and we offer PR services to pharmas such as Amgen and Smith & Nephew and to hospitals such as the Euroclinic Group. Furthermore, through our past collaboration with SFEE, the association of Pharmaceutical Companies in Greece, we have gained a deep understanding of the regulatory, social security, communication and outreach issues that the sector is dealing with.

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