Financial Services

The financial services sector is being challenged worldwide. A constantly changing environment and an increase in competitive intensity are making it even harder for companies to achieve and sustain a bulletproof reputation. Big names have been seriously hurt financially, but the ongoing crisis has done more than monetary damage: in many instances, trust has been seriously damaged. Furthermore, slower economic growth, depressed property prices, shrinking global-trade volumes, risk-averse investments and higher unemployment levels are adding complexity to an already complicated landscape. Governments and regulators are bound to reinforce their activist role in the sector, at a time when the industry will see reduced revenue and profit pools, with the default business strategy returning to the customer-oriented model.

Proper consulting means deep understanding of the structure and the prospects of the financial services industry: Are there new emerging business models? What are the repercussions of the crisis on customer and investor behavior? Do we evaluate all the associated risks? What is the likely impact of new and emerging regulation? V+O believes that communication consulting should be answering such questions.

Our practice works with leading financial institutions to help them improve their corporate image in these challenging times. Through close and candid collaboration with our clients, V+O makes every effort to develop the most creative, cost-effective, and strategically sound long-term communication solutions. Having worked with Greece’s largest financial institutions including Emporiki Bank and Eurobank's wholesale division, with financial giants such as Societé Generale, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole and Chartis, and with cutting-edge regional investment funds such as Global Finance and DIAS, we are in a position to offer value-adding services that are based both on the deep knowledge of the financial landscape and regulatory framework, and on a strategically-oriented communication approach.

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