Case Studies

Avra decided to funnel its entire product advertising budget to promote green living, not only becoming a green brand, but the strongest advocate of an environmentally friendly way of life.
The campaign was awarded the Silver Ermis 2008 and was included in the Sabre Awards 2008 shortlist.
An institution was born!, over 4000 participated, 7 TV appearances, 82 articles, 60% event recognition, 48% sponsor identification.
A unique positive experience through a successfully accomplished secret mission
The public offering was successfully completed within 3 months from the PO, with Credit Agricole acquiring 71.97% of Emporiki Bank.
180 Days Food & Culture Festival: A journey to six countries realized with the cooperation of the embassies and/or chambers of commerce of the respective countries.
A highly recognizable and familiar yet innovative and surprising campaign was created, giving a new dynamic to the image of Greece.
In 2006 Lancia was celebrating 100 years of unforgettable cars and 100 years of Italian design. For the 100th anniversary, Lancia introduced a unique exhibition called “Lancia Tour Italian Design”.